Total Workforce Solutions

In todays global economy, there are endless industry cycles that cause rapid shifts in the market and force your business to adapt its operating model. Quickly obtaining hard-to-find and skilled professionals who can deliver quality services with minimal training is a challenge.
CFS’ Total Workforce Solutions allow your organization the ability to manage the shifts in demand and skills required of your workforce. We allow your business to augment its in-house capabilities with external talent that can work under your direction and guidance.

Staffing Services Benefits

Lower Your Cost

Lower your cost of hiring and retaining top talent. Bringing new employees into your organization is expensive; payroll, taxes, healthcare, benefits and workers comp can be a burden to your cashflow. By teaming with Citadel you will reduce your overhead cost with access to employees by the project.

Easily Scale Your Workforce

As your business takes on new projects your success falls within the ability to scale a capable workforce. Alternatively as your business completes projects you must effectively manage reallocating or removing those resources. Using Citadel’s Workforce Solutions gives you the ability to quickly scale up or down your team and ensure your adequately staffed at all times.

Stay Compliant

Affordable Care Act, Workers Comp, Employee Taxes, Insurance and other regulations put a strain on your back office resources and cause your business an unnecessary administrative burden. Citadel takes on this burden for you and frees up your staff to deal with the projects at hand.


Citadel provides you unlimited access to highly skilled technical staff that meet project needs while reducing cost and removing the administrative burden. This allows you the time to focus on what really matters, your business!

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Services We Provide

Contract Workforce

Citadel specializes in providing highly skilled personnel to meet project and program needs, on a contract basis.

Contract to Hire

We understand that our highly skilled and capable candidates will often be offered permanent employment and welcome this option for all of our clients

Direct Hire

Our staff has a combined 30 years of experience in the staffing industry. We take an approach that ensures you get the right person with the desired skills and culture match.

Executive Search Services

Our Qualified Recruiting team will work tirelessly to find the next all-star player for your team.