Technical Solutions

We provide technical services that support your agency’s ability to complete its mission successfully. Our Technical Solutions team will provide the talent, resources and management required to take on complex technical projects and programs. We understand that tools and techniques represent nothing more than a bill of goods without the talented people and strong relationships to implement them and we are experts in delivering those talented individuals.

Our Technical Solutions group provides services that are tailored to the specific need of your agency and its mission requirements. A relationship with Citadel Federal Solutions means a reduction in labor costs and lead time which will lead to an increase in resources for delivering outcomes to your stakeholders. We recognize that the deployment of human capital is as much art as science, so we constantly measure our solutions against an anticipated return on investment to maximize value for our clients. As a result, a relationship with Citadel Federal Solutions brings the capabilities of a mature business without the overhead or cost structure inherent to larger, more bureaucratic organizations.

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Application Development & Integration Support

Commercial Software-as-a-Service, IT Hardware and IT Software solutions offer distinct cost and technical benefits, but require an adoption of new processes, skills, and responsibilities to make the integration success. CitadelSolutions has experienced professionals ready to support your integration, from identification of requirements to configuration and customization and throughout end user training.


Our project teams will shepherd the often-informal and unpredictable process of feedback provision and requirements definition during project performance that relies so heavily on speed, agility, and a highly personal touch. Citadel FEderal Solutions’ teams deliver consistent and timely communication between project and delivery teams and an appreciation for the importance of validated learning.

Technical Support Services

Citadel Federal Solutions specializes in placing the right technical support professionals based on your organizational requirements. We provide highly qualified personnel to support help desk operations, desktop support, technology deployments, physical infrastructure integrations and IT asset inventories and installations.